Clubhouse introduces android service

Voice-based networking app, Clubhouse, is planning to bring its service to Android. The networking app, which’s now been kicked out by every major tech platform, announced during its weekly Townhall event that its Android version has entered the stage of beta testing.

A handful of the company’s non-employees will provide the company with preliminary feedback ahead of a public launch.

The notes released in public by the company refer to this test as including a ‘rough beta version’ that will be proposed to a group of ‘friendly testers.’  This clearly justifies that for now, there’s no way for the broader public to sign up for the Android app.

One of the largest rivals of Clubhouse, Facebook, recently challenged the app across all its platforms and services.

However, the company has still not given a particular timeframe as to when its Android app would reach more testers or among the whole public. It has only noted that it’s looking ahead to introduce more Android users in the coming weeks.

Earlier in March, Clubhouse had declared that the Android launch would take a couple of months.