Instagram launches ‘Auto-Caption’ feature for IGTV and thread apps

Transcribe stickers currently available only for 'English to English' speaking countries, soon extending support to other languages as well

The popular social media app, Instagram, added a new auto-generated and editable Caption sticker, currently available for IGTV and the thread apps.

This latest add-on will automatically transcribe speech in videos. The sticker will be available only in “English and English-speaking countries” as of now. Instagram says it will also start testing automated captions in Reels soon.

The feature is currently on track for IGTVs and the Threads app. Adding it to stories and reels will make them ‘more inclusive to watch’ and will assist the hard of hearing and those who watch the videos without audio.

The automated caption testing to start soon on reels and stories as well says Instagram.

The ‘auto-captions’ will come with all adjustable font and colors, which will make look reels more attractive. They will also be editable and each word could be altered. This is made keeping in view of different accents and styles across the globe. So, all and all it’s an attractive feature that will make Instagram even more ‘user inclusive’.

The same captions could be highlighted by adding a sticker or dark background behind it. Again, it’s on the users, how creatively they can use it.

The need for auto-caption felt as more and more people started using applications such as Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet. All these apps added the auto-captions features recently, now working absolutely fine, making people with different accents understand more readily.