US Election 2020: Joe Biden says that supporting the crime bill was his mistake

At ABC town hall, Joe Bidden called his full support for the crime bill as a mistake. He said that the Black community gets the worst effects of the bill.

On Thursday during the televised ABC town hall in Philadelphia, Joe Biden, Democratic presidential candidate, said that his complete support of the 1994 crime bill was a “mistake”. Critics of the bill have reported the bill to lay groundwork for mass incarceration, according to a Fox report. Joe Biden continues to defend certain aspects of the bill.

George Stephanopoulos, ABC anchor, pressed Biden on his support of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, also known as the crime bill. When asked if showing support for the crime bill was a mistake, Biden said “Yes, it was.” Biden argued that his continued support for certain parts of the bill comes from how the bill is implemented. The worst effects of the law depended on the implementations that individual states chose, according to Biden. “Here’s where the mistake came. The mistake came in terms of what the states did locally. What we did federally — you remember George, it was all about the same time for the same crime.” He also mentioned that the mistake in the bill attributed to the Black community receiving the worst effects.