US Elections 2020: Check here the average polls of the popular vote for Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Compilation of popular vote according to CNN, Reuters, Fox and other sources. The electoral college, not the popular vote, determines presidency for the next four years.

According to CNN National Polls Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden has a 53% hold while President Donald Trump has a 42% hold. The polls are extracted from the average polls from recent national telephone polls. Percentages are measures of both registered and likely voter views from states across the country.

Other sources show similar averages of polls. ABC / Washington Post report a 54% against 42% for Biden  against Trump; NBC / WSJ reported 53% against 42%; UMASS LOWELL reported 53% against 43%. NPR / PBS / MARIST reported 54% against 43%; Kaiser Family Foundation reported 49% against 38%. Furthermore, Fox News and Reuters also reported the most recent polls. Fox reported 50% against 38% while Reuters reported 46% against 38%.

Websites with polls have warned that the presidential candidate will win the presidency based on the electoral college, the voting system which takes into account four votes of the senators of each state, and not the popular vote. National polls reflect the popular vote and not the electoral college. Polls, in any case, prove to be an accurate estimation due to its contributions in the senator votes which in turn affect the electoral college.

According to a Washington Post report, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Florida are battleground states whose votes are high in value. Voter views reflect the American voter’s opinion on key topics of discussion. The Post also adds that polls reflect the President’s capability in leading America and it’s people according to the popular opinion.

Polls indicate the public vote for the candidate whose presidency will be predominated on November 3, 2020, 16 days from today.