US Elections 2020: Joe Biden and Donald Trump, presidential nominees’ stance on COVID-19

Awareness of the opinions and plans that Donald Trump and Joe Biden have on COVID-19 is important to consider when voting.

COVID-19 has become a key issue in all domains. It has also become centric to the election campaign of the presidential nominees of the Democratic and Republican party, Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Joe Biden’s agenda advocates the general well being of the public, ensuring all Americans have access to free healthcare and preventive measures during the pandemic. According to a CNN report, Biden’s election promises free testing for coronavirus cases along with drive-through testing services. Drive-through testing tolls can test for 300 people a day. However, the concept has been criticized in areas with limited medical staff. The Biden agenda considers the lack of material, products, and equipment for healthcare workers and patients. The solution, according to the plan, is the Defense Production Act which Biden urges Trump to use.

Besides healthcare workers, patients, and preventive measures, there is also the economic impact. The Biden plan assures to support reopening businesses and schools. Workers who have been tested positive or care for those with the virus are guaranteed paid leave. Financial support will also be provided for businesses to rehire and retain workers. Biden will mandate for all American citizens to wear masks in public places. Biden also promised to keep Dr. Anthony Fauci in office if he won the election. In January, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the coordinator of the US Government Activities to Combat HIV/AIDS, Dr. Deborah Birx, were part of a task force that the White House formed.

In February, Trump initiated a ban on foreign nationals who visited China, one of the world’s biggest economies,  2 weeks before flying back to the US. The Trump agenda has a more intense focus on developing the economy during the pandemic. The US began implementing stringent travel restrictions in an effort to contain the outbreak, which included temporarily denying entry to the US, CNN reported. While Biden mandates masks to be worn in public, Donald Trump does not advocate for the necessity of masks since it interferes with the freedom of the people. Trump will support healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic financially.

“President Trump is tremendously grateful for all of the doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals who have selflessly risen to the occasion to combat the coronavirus pandemic on the frontline,” Leavitt, an American doctor said.

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