US Elections 2020: Jon Voight calls the Biden agenda evil

While most of Hollywood stands for Biden, Jon Voight, affiliated with the Republican party, calls out the lies behind the Biden agenda.

Today, Jon Voight, Academy Award winner, and Hollywood actor, expressed his support for Trump re-election and slammed Biden in a video he tweeted.

In the tweet, Jon Voight called out lies behind the campaign for presidential nominee Joe Biden. “Biden is evil,” he said. “These leftists are not for the American people. It’s the biggest cover-up ever.” Voight further alleged the Biden agenda to repeal former President Barack Obama’s policies. According to Voight, Obama’s policies were demeaning. “We cannot let that happen again. The left are deceitful and have lied to the American people. They have stripped her mighty powers for their own ego of power to rule the nation’s economy. Let us ask God to rid this horror and let us hold a candle on this land of the free and bring her back to the place she once stood proud,” he said.

Here’s Jon Voight about Biden and Trump:

Voight also clearly expressed support for Donald Trump, presidential candidate of the Republican party. “Trump must win — he’s real. He will bring back the people’s trust,” he said. “He loves this country as you do. “Don’t allow deceit to manipulate you, for only truths will prevail. Don’t die knowing you all allowed a lie. This lie has to be wiped out. Let us all pray and may God give us strength that we may shine in the name of Jesus and Moses and saints of all religions. May we hold God’s torch of truths and pray for world peace, for the U.S. to bring her nation’s flag to wave its pride with President Donald Trump 2020. God bless.”

Jon Voight is a Republican, a minority in Hollywood. According to a New York Times report, most Hollywood entertainers identified as liberals and Democrats as is evident over social media feeds and accounts. During the 2016 elections, for every vote Donald Trump won from the industry, Hilary won three. Actor-heavy areas like Hollywood Hills even more-lopsided tallies, Times reported.