Here are 5 universities in Chicago you should consider in your university research

Here are 5 universities that are validated according to the most competitive rankings of the world like QS. Chicago is perfect for exploring opportunities that come along with a study abroad.

Chicago could be the perfect city if you are looking to study abroad in North America. This city is the hub of top-notch universities like the University of Illinois, Chicago, and many others which has high college rankings in the QS World Ranks. Chicago, with its educational background, comes along with many useful perks. This city is also one of the biggest accommodations for a vast variety of cuisines and cultural food which could be your go-to for winding up for the day. The city also offers many pursuits for exploring and discovering interests. The Millenium Park, Museum of Contemporary Art are just two indications for some of the best museums in the world which could be just right for the culture enthusiast. Chicago could be just for you if you are looking for opportunities and explore interests that could come with an education abroad.

Let’s look at the top 5 colleges and universities in Chicago you could take into consideration in your university search

Northwestern University

Northwestern University is a private university with a focus on research founded in 1851. The university has a limitless field of study which you could choose from. However, the university’s most prestigious program in the School of Communication. The oldest and most-reputed college in the university is the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. Northwestern University is one of the finest when it comes down to a high-class education and research.

What makes this university beneficial for you is the high employability ranking which is evident from it’s prestigious and notable alumni. Duchess Meghan Markle, Friends’ Ross, David Schwimmer, Charleton Heston, Warren Beatty are some of the famous alumni who are at a career performing arts.

The Northwestern University is ranked 25th by Times Higher Education 2019, top 10 National Universities in the US by US News & World Report; 11th in the US for its Law School.

Living costs (including tuition and fees): $79, 342

Loyola University Chicago

The Loyola University Chicago’s founding year dates all the way to 1870. It is a private Catholic institution that guarantees the finest education in the world. There are most than 140 graduate programs and about 70 undergraduate programs. The employability rate is impressive at $42, 700 for starting salary packages for most graduating students. It also has a top MBA program as well as a promising graduate employment rate.  The university has seen some of the best entrepreneurs graduate the university including deadly Lori Greiner from Shark Tank. In 2019, National Universities gave Loyola the 89th rank while US News and World Report awarded the title, “University with the Best Value.”

Living costs (exclusive): $17,580

Illinois Institute of Technology University

IIT is best known for its applied research-based learning, infrastructure and is specialised in STEM. There are programs in communications, architecture, design, business, science, psychology, engineering, and law. The university is also known for its memberships and clubs to over 100 organizations for students pursuing an undergraduate degree. Most graduates from Illinois Institute of Technology are mostly guaranteed a starting annual salary of $54,000. The university is also for you if financial aid makes the most preferable choice. 97% of students have financial aid at the university. Illinois Institute of Technology was given the 96th rank by the U.S. News & World Report National University.

Living costs (including tuition and fees): $71,226

University of Chicago

This university has vast fields you could major in. Some of the specialized programs include Environmental Studies and History. An interesting differentiating factor is the teaching faculty. This university is home to the world’s finest professors. Barack Obama, former President of the US taught law for 12 years at the University of Chicago Law School. Speaking of ranks, the university secured a 3rd ranks in National Universities Ranking by US News, 2019; 18th in Forbes Magazine, 2018; 8th in Academic Rankings of World Universities, also in 2018; 10th in Times Higher Education, 2019. The university clearly tops the charts when it comes to a prestigious background and education.

Living costs: $20, 979

University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC)

The University of Illinois, Chicago is one of the best public universities in the country. It was ranked 61st according to U.S News & Reports and 26th according to Washington Monthly. It is also one of the most affordable universities with only $13,301 annual in-state cost post aid, which should be easy enough to acquire for a determined individual like you! This university is a deep focus on high-quality research with thousands of students pursuing on and off-campus programs. It is specialized in fields of medicines, agriculture, and technology. This is definitely the ideal educational institute for those looking for an education in STEM.

Living costs: $17,507

Universities in Chicago are some of the best universities in the world. They have been validated by the most competitive academic rankings of the world and also have high employability rankings. With all of these factors in mind, an education in this city could kickstart a very successful career for international students.