John Stamos hits big with the Big Shot dramedy

The “Big Shot” trailer is up and running while John Stamos creates a unbelievable comeback with his character.

How can you cast a legend and not let him take the screen with a blow? John Stamos recently got cast on the Disney+ movie, Big Shots giving his fan a real sports dramedy.


Recently, the trailer of “Big Shot” hit the entertainment floor and the fans are going bananas over the fact that how amazing the star played the character. The star merely plays a nosy college basketball player bossing around the players giving them a big shot in winning the league. The engaging performance with the young players and the hardcore softie is something that we need to watch on the screen.

The movie is all set to release on the OTT platform of Disney+ Hotstar giving the viewers a chance to view in their own comfort. We are surely positive that John Stamos is going to crack the whole world IP with his witty jokes as well as make us cry with his emotions. We can’t wait!